The Osiecznica Commune

The Osiecznica Commune [Gmina Osiecznica] is a rural commune in the Bolesławiec District, in the Lower Silesian Voivodship. The seat of the commune is the village Osiecznica. According to data from 31 December 2016, the commune had a population of 7307 inhabitants. It covers the area of 437.1 km2 The commune consists of the following localities: Osiecznica, Kliczków, Parowa, Bronowiec, Poświętne, Ołobok, Przejęsław, Ławszowa, Luboszów, Osieczów, Tomisław, Świętoszów, Leśny Dwór.

The Osiecznica Commune is characterized by a very good socio-educational infrastructure, renovated roads, sports-recreational facilities, indoor swimming pool, miles of biking and horseback riding routes, as well as the waterways on the Kwisa River. 80% of the surface are forests, which are called the lungs of the Lower Silesian Voivodship.

Good communication with the region

The Osiecznica Commune has a very good road network. Both the commune, and the provincial and the voivodship roads have been repaired. From Osiecznica you can quickly and easily reach Wrocław and Berlin (there are two motorways A4 and A18), as well as in the direction to Świeradów Zdrój, Jelenia Góra, Boleslawiec and Żagań. The main routes, with a view to the safety of users, are equipped with both sidewalks and modern street lighting.

Tourist attractions and the sports and recreation base, are the basis of the development of the Commune

Osiecznica has a number of tourist attractions. The beautiful river Kwisa flows through the commune and its tranquility is not disturbed by the oppressive industry. These values are important for the whole region and for this reason the commune is perceived as the "green lungs" of the region. There are picturesque bicycle routes running across the commune. There is also a  Kliczków-Przewóz section of a horse trail.  A kayak and pontoon trail is marked on the Kwisa river where  summer raftings are organized.  Moreover, there are good conditions for families with children: walking in the forest, Nordic walking, agritourism.

The biggest tourist attraction of the commune is the Kliczków Castle. Every year there is a famous May picnic with a knight tournament. Teams from several European countries take part and fight for the castle in Kliczków. There is the only horse cemetery in Europe in Kliczków. In Kliczków lived, in the years 1948-55, a famous theatre and opera director, actor, screenwriter, scenery designer Henryk Baranowski. There is a commemorative plaque on the building and there is an educational bench nearby, wherefrom we learn about the work of this outstanding artist.

In Osiecznica was born in 1749 a German geologist and mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner. He created an early name of the geology- geognosy. He taught geognosy at The Mining Academy in Freiberg. He has also created the theory of neptunism and a classification of minerals based on their characteristics. There is a memory plaque on the building where he was born. There is a 2-km long geological didactic nature path nearby. The six points of the didactic path and the tables depict the history of rock formation and geological phenomena associated with their creation.

Another interesting tourist attraction is Luboszów, the locality is inhabited by only two people. One of them is George Słonecki, beekeeper known across the country, who, together with his wife, runs a small museum of beekeeping, which is a big attraction for tourists. On the territory of the commune there are agrotouristic farms offering also local products, i.e. game dishes and mushrooms.

Each year in June, there is organized the Skate Marathon. This is a nationwide event for roller-skaters, with several hundred participants, including visitors from the Czech Republic and Germany. The competitors race on the rolls across the Osiecznica Commune roads, on the marathon route, of 42.2 km. The event is one of the Grand Prix cycle, the best Polish and foreign skaters and especially speed skaters race in Osiecznica.                                             

We invite all of you - you will relax here!


Address details:

Gmina Osiecznica [The Osiecznica Commune]

  1. Lubańska 43

59-724 Osiecznica

phone +48757312107.

fax +48757312148



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